Blood Red Arowana


Arowana fish are profoundly adjusted to new water so we ensure every one of our fishes are set in a freshwater tank for impeccable conveyance. The cost set above included delivery.  Arowana fish for sale, buy arowana fish online, arowana fish price, arowana for sale. 

When choosing a red arowana to keep, there are a few characteristics you should be looking for.

A good Red Arowana would not only have red fins, and it often cannot be a good indicator of a good Red Arowana.

High quality Red Arowanas have stronger coloration and darker tops, and tends to have a metallic shine to it that stands out. The body color and shine of scales are very good indicators of the quality of the Red Arowana fish.



 Blood Red Arowana For Sale

The Red Arowana is very popular as the red color matches the golden scales very well. They are also very rare, as there are lesser eggs each time a Red Arowana gives birth than other kinds of Asian Arowana.

There are 2 different bloodlines of natural Red Arowana, Chili Red and Blood Red, and are found in different parts of Indonesia. Both of them are the same, but have different shades or hues of red.

The Asian Arowana is a type of freshwater fish that is found in Southeast Asia, red arowana.

These fish have become popular in Asia because of their resemblance to the mythical Chinese dragon, and hence, is seen as auspicious by Chinese.

Dragons are also seen as immortal and have invincible powers that will protect its owner against evil or any bad incidents. However, as a endangered species, Arowana has to be reared and sold under permits. arowana fish.

Red Arowana has a Fire Element as well, and generates more Yang energy. Yang energy can give their owners wealth and keep their business running at full force. 


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