MAINE LOBSTER Chix: 1.0 – 1.14lb


Lobsters Live Maine Lobster is hand-caught off the coast of Maine. During certain times of the year, the catch will vary. We work hard to sort through to deliver exactly what you ordered. At times, when the catch is limited, we have to get creative – we will always select in your favor. You may not receive the exact approximate number of lobsters, but you will always receive the total weight in lobster that you have ordered. Rest assured, your lobster experience will be amazing.  oysters near me fresh seafood near me fresh fish near me oysters in a can fresh shrimp near me live oyster oyster restaurants near me wholesale seafood near me oyster restaurants ordering seafood online oyster fish best oysters oyster crab oyster delivery buying seafood online oyster seafood giant oysters eat oysters buying lobster online maine oysters buying oysters order crab legs buying seafood best place to buy crab legs sea oyster



The American lobster, Homarus americanus, is found on the east coast of North America, from Newfoundland to North Carolina, with Maine Lobster being the most abundant and delicious. In 2018, Maine Lobster catch was 119 million pounds, over $484 million worth, the world leader. Oh, and its the best tasting lobster too! BUY MAINE LOBSTER ONLINE


Cold clean waters are the key to such tasty crustacean. Besides the normal colored lobsters, Maine lobstermen have also discovered rare blue, yellow, red, and white ones. Aside from the white albino lobsters, all turn red when cooked. Lobsters grow to legal one pound size in about 7 years. By molting – they molt or shed, their shells about 25 times in the first 5 years of life.

No one has yet found a way to determine the exact age of a lobster because it sheds its shell so often, but they can live to 100 years. Lobsters “smell” their food by using four small antennae on the front of their heads and tiny sensing hairs that cover their bodies.


Lobster blood is usually a gray or slightly blue color, but it can sometimes be orange, green, or light pink.


A lobster egg is the size of the head of a pin. A 1-pound female lobster usually has between 8,000 to 12,000 eggs, which are attached to the underside of her tail. She carries the eggs for about a year until they are released as larvae. Only about 1/10 of one percent of those eggs will live past 6 weeks.


The largest lobster in captivity is at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor.  The aquarium is also home to a blue lobster, which are quite rare, approximately 1 in 1 million.

Lobster is a $500 Million per year industry for Maine.


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